Examination rules

1. There will be two examinations to register the progress of the student: Half-Yearly and Annual.
2. Besides these Terminal Examinations, there will also be Unit Test/Class Tests/Surprise Tests.
3. Examinations and Tests enable parents to know the progress of their wards and pay attention to their studies at homes.
4. Promotion to the next class will be made on the basis of the obtained of marks in Half-yearly and average Annual Examinations, and Tests. 5. The pass mark in each subject is 35%.
6. A student who, for reasons accepted by the Principal, is not able to appear for the Half-Yearly Examinations, has to appear for the Annual Examinations and the decision of the Principal regarding the promotion will be final.
7. Students whose attendance is below 80% of the working days may not be eligible to sit for the Annual Examinations and may not be promoted to the next higher class.
8. Examinations/Tests will not be anticipated or postponed at any case.
9. A student, who gives or obtains unfair assistance at an Examination will be debarred form the rest of the papers. Such a student may be dismissed from the school.
10. A student who fails twice in the same class may be asked to leave the school.
11. Attendance in all papers in Tests, Half-Yearly and Annual Examinations is compulsory.
12. Answer scripts of the Annual Examinations are not shown to the students. The results declared at the end of the year are final and not subject to reconsideration.
13. A student detained in the same class forfeits all claims to concession in school fees.
14. The school does not undertake to retain answer scripts of students who sit for school Examination for more than six months.
15. The decision of the school authorities on results shall be final.

Library Rules
1. "Reading makes a Students should keep in mind that complete person'. They should develop the habit of reading, not flying from book to book but systematically and thoughtfully; of reading suggested books on different subjects and storing them carefully in their memory. It is only in this way that information will be at the same time extensive, accurate and useful.
2. Students may borrow one book at a time for a period upto one week from the library. And book not required by another person may be re-issued for a further week.
3. A student must have the Library Card while borrowing the book.
4. Certain books, magazines, etc. are available for reference in the Library only, they are not to be taken home.
5. Books, periodicals, magazines, should be treated with care, in and out of the Library. No writing, ink blots, torn pages, marks and like in books are tolerated.
6. No talking is permitted in the Library except on business with the Librarian. This also should be done in a low voice.
7. Books are issued on the understanding that they are only to be read by persons to whom they are issued and are not given to others whether of school or to outsiders.
8. Any student who breaks the above rules will have to pay a fine or cost of the lost and damaged books.