School Uniform

Parents are requested to send their wards to School tidily dressed wearing the School Uniform. If the children fail to wear the School Uniform, they will not be allowed to enter their classes. The prescribed Uniform is as follows:
Nails with nail varnish are not a part of the school uniform. The school is not responsible for lost watches and ornaments. Boys must have their hair trimmed above shirt collars. Hair dyeing and stylish hair cut is strictly prohibited. Girls keeping long hair use white ribbons. Hair style should be plain, no front fringes etc.


  • Dark orange and black check shirt
  • Black shorts,
  • Dark orange and black check frock
  • Brown colour sweater for winter


  • Grey white check shirt
  • Grey short pant (classes I to II)
  • Grey full pant (class IV onwards)
  • Grey socks and black shoes
  • House coloured T-shirt and White keds on P.T days
  • Grey white check blouse
  • Grey skirt below knee
  • Grey socks and black shoes
  • White hair band
  • House coloured T-shirt and white keds on P.T days.
  • School tie and belt for all the students
  • Grey colour sweater with cream one border for winter (classes I to V)
  • Grey colour, Blazer for winter (classes VI to X)