Expectations from students

1. Always polite, friendly, respectful, honest, truthful, gentle, kind and well behaved to his/her parents, teachers and elders in and out of school
2. Respects his/her own property as well as that of the school and also property belonging to others.
3. Willing to accept whatever work is assigned' as his/her rightful share.
4. Never vulgar in talk and behavior.
5. Participates in the extra-curricular activities.
6. Courteous and sports boy/girl on the playground with opposing team and with the officials.
7. Careful to rise when any teacher or visitor speaks/enter classroom in which he/she happens to be.
8. Maintains the overall discipline and cleanliness in the classroom and School campus.
9. Always punctual, regular, positive thinker, cheerful, neat, in proper School Uniform and learn to communicate in English,
10. Always follow the rules and regulations of the School.
11. Finally confirms to the standard required of him/her in conduct, dress, school timings and in studies.